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Our Crutch Holds Up!™


Paper crutches get sloppy when wet, glass is heavy and hard on teeth. Bamboo is Strong, Light, Reusable/Biodegradable, and Way Easier to Roll...

The Original Bamboo Rolling Tip™ was created as an all-natural alternative to expensive glass tips and cheap paper crutches...

The Original Terp Tip™ - utilizes Cannabis-Derived Cultivar-Specific/Drug-Free Terpenes for enhanced flavoring and terpene modulation...

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The Original Bamboo Rolling Tip™

Our Crutch Holds Up!™

The Power of Terpenes

We see the possibilities of these "Terpene Profiles" being responsible for the variations in the Taste and Effects of Cannabis.  Some combinations of terpenes can act in synergy (the effects are added), while others are antagonists (the effects inhibit each other).  Some terpenes increase the assimilation of THC, while others affect the flow of dopamine and serotonin, two of the main regulators of mood and behavior.   

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The Original Terp Tip™

The Terp'd Tip!™