About Us


This is Danker the Pitbull Dog, the co-creator of The Original Bamboo Rolling Tip™.  I rescued Danker from a very uncertain future, not knowing he would do the same for me.

New Mexico is known for its Hatch Green Chili, not so much for its bamboo.  

25+ years ago, my mom and I ordered three small “Heavenly” bamboo plants (which is a bush not vertical cane bamboo).  We received three Golden "Fishing Pole" Bamboo plants, hose golden bamboo plants remained unused and pretty much seen as a nuisance.  Fortunately, our dogs found they liked the bamboo's leaves better than grass blades from the lawn for their dietary needs.  We ended up keeping the bamboo and not removing it for compost.

 I had just returned from a friend’s house, where I had taken a joint saturated with oil and rolled up with a business card tip/crutch.  When I showed my friend the heavily oiled-up joint, he disregarded the oil and asked, "Is that a paper crutch?”, I replied, "Nope, I cut a strip out my business card and rolled it up".   He asked, if he could remove the makeshift crutch and mentioned that the high temperatures of the smoke could be volatilizing chemicals from the paper.  Once again, reiterating the dangers of us being on the inhaling side of that equation.  Point Taken...

 Later, while I was sitting at my desk and thinking to myself, "What material could I use?" to make a better crutch.  Drawing a blank, Danker came thru the house from the backyard where he had picked up a piece of bamboo.  A short, 1/2" thick piece of pole with a small branch that had a couple of little leaves on it.  His timing couldn't have been more impeccable, divine intervention.  I saw the hollow cross-section and began to develop the process that makes The Original Bamboo Rolling Tip™ we know today clean, safe, simple, and sustainable.

Thank You Danker!!!

Until We See Your Smile Again, Know Your Family Loves You!!!